Our Mission

Our Moto:

“Small Enough to Listen – Big Enough to Deliver.”

Our Mission:

To be the most honest and ethical trade partner of choice. To provide superior service, premium stone and other product components that is both affordable and accessible to the hardscape construction industry.”


Who We Are & What We Do

“Finding the right stone freshly quarried from the ground is like finding a diamond in the rough.”

The metaphor is truly a visionary art Scott Carson possess with the eye to foresee the beauty and potential in stone even at its roughest state.

As an established entrepreneur and innovator in the landscape industry for the past 15 years, Scott grew a highly successful and extremely reputable business that achieved many awards and accolades by specializing in hardscape product and fabrication in landscape projects both large and small. With each project becoming more customized and individualize by the customer’s request, his growth and future business endeavor’s geared towards finding the exact hardscape product to fit not only his design specifications, but found savings financially on purchasing larger quantities of hardscape products none native to Nebraska or the Midwest. This growth was geared towards focusing on future landscape trends and financial savings to increase net profits.

The most important part of this journey Scott set foot on was endless hours of research and travel to find and establish the relationships with the rock quarries directly. Once these relationships were established, these products were virtually hand selected and set to be package and shipped in bulk, saving HUGE money!

With large quantities of stone landing daily it wasn’t long before Scott began his future business endeavors dealing within Distribution of Natural Stone. This was the birth of Carson Stone & Supply.

While supply and demand continued to grow, Scott utilized his product knowledge and relationships to establish a business plan for Carson Stone & Supply using his founded efficiencies and profitability within the stone distribution side of the business.

In doing so Scott molded his customer’s base from the retail landscape customers, into several hundred landscape and other industry contractors across the state. To these contractors Scott began selling product at Wholesale prices and passed on vast monetary savings.

Scott’s innovative drive and elaborate business model set Carson Stone & Supply to accomplish great success in becoming a dependable and knowledgeable industry supplier of large selections of natural stones. Scott built the company focus around our customer’s hardscape needs and savings. Quality and Quantity of product available for our customers’ needs at any point in their projects and the extra attention to stone detail the Company provides our customers is a key to success.

To date, Scott’s tenacious pursuance of tapping into other markets such as concrete divisions has paid off.  Carson Stone & Supply is thrilled to announce the recently awarded supplier and distribution rights of two highly recognized and extremely popular concrete product lines in the paver and wall block divisions of the business.  Furthermore Carson Stone & Supply has received exclusive rights to Pavestone products of which Carson Stone & Supply holds the “Sole” distribution for Nebraska and surrounding areas. Along with the being awarded this amazing product line, Carson Stone & Supply is also pleased to announce we are an official distributor of Belgard Paver Products.  Both products are amazing concrete products and fit the mold perfectly of high quality products we strive to serve our customers with. This is a huge accomplishment for Carson Stone & Supply as well as our customers consisting of the contactors we service.

Carson Stone & Supply is truly excited about not only servicing our several hundred contractor customer base with a one stop shop for all their hardscape needs, along with continuously passing our founded savings on to them and their projects.